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This is a short comic that represents love.
It's based on my feelings, observations, and discoveries of love in my life with my husband.

I believe that love doesn't always require extensive dialogue.

Often, it's conveyed in a single moment, through a glance or a simple action. In those instances, our hearts resonate with each other on the right frequency, creating a warm and meaningful connection without uttering a word.

這就是愛這個短篇漫畫,是我透過感受,觀察和發現自己與丈夫生活中出現的愛, 我認為愛不需要用太多對話,通常是一瞬間,彼此一個眼神或是一個行動, 然後雙方的心就像是在對的頻率中共鳴一樣,不說一語卻有個溫暖的交流。

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