Let's talk about IG in 2022 聊聊2022年間經營IG的想法

Instagram is like a pre-portfolio for me (2022) , somewhere in between Pinterest and the official portfolio website, these are the client who found me through Instagram.



at the beginning of the year, I've been contacted by this beautiful podcast Greendreamer and had the chance to illustrate for them, with the topic which is really out of my comfort zone but I feel excited and hopefully happy with the result. (click the image to listen Greendreamer) 在年初的時間,Greendreamer這個非常美好的廣播節目聯繫我並邀請我繪製兩張插圖,當時我覺得要繪製得主題對我來說非常不熟悉,算是一個很挑戰的合作但我仍然感到很興奮並且對於完成的作品感到喜悅。 (點擊下方的插圖可以收聽greendreamer的節目)

another project I can finally share with you is the covers I've done with the class books company in Taiwan, they found my portfolio and Instagram and allow me to create my favourite topic: natural for their 4th-grade nature and science book cover.



I notice that my client usually use the picture that I shared on IG as reference and use them to communicate with me. which is really useful and clear for the project. and that's also the reason why I understand the importance of social media like IG and twitter. 我發現我的客戶都會用我只分享在IG的圖像當作參考圖並使於與我溝通交涉。 我認為這是一個非常方便於溝通交流的方式,能讓我更容易掌握如何繪製此次企劃。 此刻我也發現了像是IG或Twitter這種性質的社群媒體的重要性。

1. your artist name and how would you want to be labelled

2. where are you based

(I think it is important information for your client to know where are you based as social media is based in ternet : )

well, also easy for them to understand the time zone and else.

3. email

(it is listed in no.3 but actually its the most important information which YOU MUST fill)

4. link (drove your audiences to other sites)

as IG designed one link rule. there are some APPs had been created for this a.KOJI

this app design some useful setting for artist user such as art gallery,donate jar and Q&A ,it is really sweet and artist friendly. :) b.linktree 1.你的藝術家名字 還有你想如何被“標籤” 2.你目前的居住地 我想這一點對於你的客戶來說是一個很重要的訊息 因為社群媒體是網路,網路可以是在全世界 (哈哈其實英文我是在說笑話) 總之這些資訊可以讓你得客戶知道你的時區或是報價考慮等等 3.電子郵箱 雖然我列在第三點 但事實上這是最最最重要的一點 4.連結 IG是被設計只能貼上一個連結的規定,於是有很多家的APP公司也推出一個連結連到全宇宙的多功方法。 這是兩個我知道的連結app a.KOJI 這個app有專門對藝術家設計的許多社群功能 像是販售你的畫作,讓你藏家贊助你還有網友的問答功能,算是有種我懂你的感覺。 b.linktree IG will always change the way of the game so always keep your brain fresh and good luck for you and your art. IG一直會不斷的改變遊戲規則,所以保持你的腦袋清晰吸收訊息,最後祝福你和你的創作都能保持好運。 #IGforartist #poppyliart #插畫家 #2022年如何使用IG