Hello, Friends ~ welcome to my 1st online market with N4makers today!
before you  
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please walk around and I will share with you what and how I create these art works~

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 these A6 size mini prints are created by my inktober project ~ I create them in GIFs illustrations.
£8 each or £18 for a set.

Rainbow 2.gif
Raccoon 2.gif
Prize 2.gif

these babes are my original artworks created by oil pastel and gouache on handmade 320gsm paper.
£200 each 


limited fine art prints in A4 size £55 each


to see how I create the art work~you can click on the picture and you will see the full project and click the button of the name~it will send you to my Etsy store^^

these are the random postcard set which comes in 5 for £9 or individually in £2.5 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

handmade clay art toy box 

Untitled_Artwork-1 11.png
Untitled_Artwork-2 10.png

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Thank you